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TabTime Super 8 - Pill Box with eight alarms for Parkinson's Disease

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The TabTime Super 8 pill box with reminder alarm is designed with portability and practicality in mind, to ensure that you remember to take your medication on time, every time.

The result of 20 years of combined customer research, the TabTime Super 8 alarmed pill box was originally created to help those suffering from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, or with reduced hand strength, but is hugely beneficial to anyone who needs to maintain a regular medication schedule or take pills to control their symptoms.

Now an internationally-acclaimed product with thousands of positive reviews worldwide, the TabTime Super 8 pill box with reminder alarm is in 2021 widely regarded as the best daily pill and medication timer on the world market.

  • Up to 8 fully programmable daily alarms for multiple reminders on the go
  • Additional countdown timer for regular or timed interval doses
  • 8 high capacity, numbered tablet compartments
  • Audio and visual alarms so you never miss a dose (visual LED reminder light continues to flash until the pill box is opened, so you know if you’ve missed an audio alarm)
  • Magnetic, easy-open clasp to help those with hand tremors or reduced strength
  • Simple 3 button design for easy set-up and daily usage.
  • ‘Set it and forget it’ – Set an alarm once, and it will repeat at the same time daily until changed or turned off
  • Adjustable volume settings for those who may be hard of hearing
  • Battery life indicator to ensure you never run out of power, with easy access compartment for trouble-free battery changes

Size: 11 x 6 x 3 cm

For information about setting up a TabTime Super 8, please watch our setting up video:

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Frankie B.
Very useful pill box.

I don't have Parkinson's or Alzheimer’s but often forget to take my tablets at the right time. I bought myself one box and then my daughter bought me another so that I can get a weeks suply at twice a day in them.

david a.

I have had three over 4years. The problem I have found that after a year or so, they start crashing with the programmed settings at different times, I then have to change the battery and reprogram, ,but once this starts it continues off and on until I have to replace it for a new unit. I do not know the longevity you have placed on this product, but all I can say being my wife's carer and use all eight compartments ,I cannot bear to be without it. Good audible sound on both settings, with red flashing light on missed calls.
I know quite a few people who have seen this product have gone out and purchased one. I also own you wrist Tabtime timer, also a excellent product. Recharging is a good bonus, should be on the tab time box as well. Very good product but needs a bit of fine tuning.

Sound frequency to high or max volume to low

Both my parents (+80) didn't hear the alarm at close distance (less then 1m).
As the box is not always in sight, but located in a fixed place, it is useless for them.
Even in a handbag the sound is not sufficient.

Wendy N.
At time super 8

Very useful for reminders but they only last about 18 months and we are now on our fifth one as they stop beeping

James G.
Parkinson pills timing

Excellent and easy to use solves the timing problem- notmissed spillsine the box arrived

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