Our Guide to Managing Parkinson’s Medication

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can initially feel devastating, but with the right care and medication the condition can be managed. If you or your loved one has been diagnosed and is currently receiving treatment, then it’s wise to make sure you fully understand the disease to help control it.

In this guide, we’ll focus on the medication aspect. More specifically, we’ll talk about why it’s important to never miss a dose, what to do in case a dose is missed, and the ways you can prevent this from happening.

Reasons you need to take your Parkinson’s medication on time, every time

There are two primary reasons you need to ensure that the person taking the Parkinson’s disease medication does this on a regular basis:

1. The medication’s benefits can wear off

For the medication to work optimally, it must be ingested regularly as prescribed by your doctor. Missing a dose can mean the symptom-controlling benefits of the drug are lost.

2. It might take a while for symptoms to dissipate again

Once the patient is able to get back on the medication, it could take a long time before any relief is felt. Symptoms like impaired movement and uncontrolled tremors could put them in great discomfort.

What to do in the event that you miss a dose

In case you do miss a dose, take your medication as soon as you remember to do so. However, do not under any circumstance double up on the dosage as a way to make up for the one you missed.

Additionally, if you are taking multiple doses in one day, adjust the time of your next dose to accommodate for the change in schedule. Taking the next dose too soon puts you at a greater risk of experiencing negative side-effects like nausea or an upset stomach.

Finally, be prepared that your symptoms might resurface due to the missed dose.

How to ensure that missing a dose never becomes a problem

You have several ways to make sure that you never forget to take your medication at the right time. First and foremost, communicate to those living with you what your dosing schedule is. This way, they can help remind you whenever the time comes.

Additionally, remember to always have your medications handy. Keep them close by or find a specific location where you can put them away to minimize the risk of misplacing them. If you get into a situation wherein you might not have access to your drugs, such as getting admitted into a hospital, inform medical staff or your doctor about your condition so that they may tend to your needs.

You could also try a pill box like the TabTime Super 8 which is endorsed by the German Parkinson’s Association. This pill box has been designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s, with an easy to open magnetic catch and features eight audio and visual alarms to remind you to not miss a dose.

If you are looking for medication management products to help you or your loved one stay on top of their treatment, visit our site today. We provide pillboxes that are fitted with an adjustable alarm, automatic pill dispensers, and a variety of other products designed to make taking your medication easier to manage.

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