VAT Exemption Information

What is VAT exemption?

If you are chronically sick or disabled you are entitled to a VAT exemption on products that have been specifically designed or adapted for your own personal use. This means that you will not be charged any Value Added Tax on pre-approved goods or services that help you with your condition. Currently in the UK the standard rate of VAT stands at 20%. 

Am I VAT exempt?

HMRC defines ‘chronically sick or disabled’ for the purposes of VAT exemption as: “physical or mental impairment which has a long term and substantial adverse effect upon your ability to carry out everyday activities” OR “a condition which the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness”.

Examples include dementia, Parkinson’s, diabetes or other chronic illnesses which require a complicated medicine regime.  Unfortunately people who are only temporarily sick or disabled such as a broken limb do not qualify for VAT relief. You also do not qualify if you are an elderly person who is able bodied.

If you are still not sure whether you qualify for VAT relief please consult your GP or call the VAT disabled relief helpline before applying for VAT exempt products and services. 

How do I claim VAT exemption?

TabTime makes claiming VAT exemption simple with a list of pre-approved VAT exempt items below and a quick and easy form that is filled out upon purchase. If you are the parent, spouse or guardian of a disabled person you can fill this form out on their behalf. 

How to fill out the VAT exemption form:

  1. Choose the product you wish to purchase eg. TabTime’s Automatic Pill dispenser
  2. In the drop down menu under ‘VAT status’ select FREE
  3. Tick the box that declares you or your family member is chronically disabled
  4. Fill in your details including name, disability and address 
  5. Continue to the checkout 
  6. Viola, you’re good to go! 

What is VAT exempt?

Here is a list of TabTime’s VAT exempt Items. The prices displayed here already exclude VAT so you will not have to claim it back or take any further action. 

Automatic pill dispenser (VAT free) the perfect pill dispenser to help care for someone with dementia.

Automatic Pill Dispenser £57.99

Specially designed to assist Alzheimer's & dementia patients, the elderly & the visually or mentally impaired. With 28 tablet compartments, a fully automatic, lockable, timed release of medication and up to 6 daily visual and audio alarms this is the perfect companion to ensure you never forget your medication again. 



TabTime Super 8 (VAT free) perfect pill reminder for people with Parkinson's

TabTime Super 8 £19.16

Designed specifically to help Parkinson's patients this medicine dispenser has 8 tablet compartments with 8 corresponding daily alarms to be set at high or low volume. It's compact and easy to use design means you can keep it with you wherever you go and never miss your medication again. 


Spare key (VAT exempt) for the TabTime Automatic Pill Dispenser, the perfect pill dispenser for dementia

Spare TabTime Automatic Pill Dispenser Key £4.99

Don’t get locked out of your Automatic pill dispenser- be prepared with a backup key that also comes VAT free. 




Spare tray for TabTime's Automatic Pill Dispenser (VAT free)

Spare Tablet Tray for TabTime Automatic Pill Dispenser £19.00

Have a spare tray ready to go at the pharmacy so you don't have to spend hours waiting around for your tablet tray to be filled. Just switch and go. 



Droplet hydration reminder (VAT exempt) to help your loved one with dementia

Droplet Hydration Reminder £29.17

We all forget to drink water at the best of times and the Droplet is designed specifically to help people with dementia and the elderly remember to drink often and stay hydrated. Complete with easy to sip top and customisable base so you can set fun reminder messages. 



Help with VAT exemption

Navigating VAT exemption can be tricky so if you have any questions about our VAT exempt items please don’t hesitate to contact us. Or if you’d like further information about VAT exemption in general you can contact the VAT disabled relief helpline.

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