Spare Tabtime Automatic Pill Dispenser Key (VAT Free) - Tabtime Limited
Spare Tabtime Automatic Pill Dispenser Key (VAT Free) - Tabtime Limited
Spare Tabtime Automatic Pill Dispenser Key (VAT Free) - Tabtime Limited

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Spare Tabtime Automatic Pill Dispenser Key (VAT Free)

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Spare key for the TabTime Automatic Pill Dispenser available with VAT relief.  Just complete the declaration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David C.
Great Replacement

My mother-in-law lost the key to her box, but I ordered a replacement and it was here in the blink of an eye!
Great service

Jan D.
New key

My Mum has been using her "magic gadget" (her words) for 7+ months now. As other reviewers have said it was not particularly welcomed yet has changed mum's day dramatically.
We have changed batteries in the last week. We found that the cog that turns the tray starts to move tablet compartment slowly round instead of the instant change when alarm begins. Learning curve for us.
I would suggest that a spare key be in original pack although when we ordered two new ones ( I mislaid/lost the first one) they arrived promptly.
As a family it has made everyones life so much easier as it is one less concern.

Shastree P.
Perfect solution for now

The tabtime is for my elderly mother who had been getting mixed up with her meds and unfortunately double dosed a few times recently . It’s been a bit difficult for her to come to terms with it , because initially she tried to get the pills earlier than she should.But even though deep down she resents it (or me for setting it up ) she’s getting her correct doses at the right time and is staying safe and protected from double dosing . So I think it’s a great idea . I put the meds in the compartments for each separate dose and set the alarm. When the alarm rings the tab rotate to an open compartment and my mother tips the meds that’s due out . I’m advised the batteries should last approx 6 months for the two alarms set daily but I plan to change them 3 monthly just to be safe .

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