Caring for someone with Dementia - Medication Management Advice

Taking medications correctly is an important aspect of treatment for any illness, but when there are many tablets to be taken throughout the day it can become confusing, especially for people with mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's and even during early signs of dementia.

Caring for someone with dementia has many responsibilities, and supporting someone to comply with medication is very much at the top of the list. For people on a complex tablet regime taking the right dose at the right time can be difficult, as well as placing further demands on the role of the carer. Some medications are required multiple times a day, others are taken on different days, making it difficult to monitor. Since many people are on several medications, an automatic pill dispenser can be invaluable.

Tablet Dispenser 

The TabTime Medelert is specifically designed to dispense the correct dose, and only the correct dose, available at the correct time. It is fully automatic, lockable and time released at the exact time the dose is required, making medication manageable!

All other pills are safely locked in the dispenser out of sight, helping prevent an incorrect dose or an overdose being taken.

Not only does this dispenser support the role of the carer it allows the individual to enjoy an improved quality of life, to remain independent at home for longer and to be less reliant on family members and their carers’. This frees up valuable time and resources for the carer to place into another aspects of their caring role.

Our dispensing system critically assists Alzheimer's and dementia patients, the elderly and the visually or mentally impaired. Many overdoses and sub-therapeutic medication levels are very often due to medication not being taken efficiently. On occasions this could be forgetting to take medication, taking additional tablets that have already been consumed, taking them at the wrong time or even taking the wrong dosage.

Alarm System

With this type of medication dispenser, you can set up the medication ahead of time in separate compartments. However, this system conveniently allows you to set an alarm for each time of the day that medication needs to be taken. If you don't acknowledge the alarm, it will continue to beep every so often until you do. The dispensing alarm is essential to help those who simply need a reminder as to when it's time to take their medication throughout the day.

To decrease the chance of medication administration errors, The TabTime Medelert takes on the responsible role of accurately dispensing pills to provide many outpatients and their carers’ with a sense of support and rest bite.   Carers and family members can set up the medications ahead of time, with easy to use reminders throughout the day, such as a long duration buzzer that sounds continuously until pills are dispensed and received.

Automated Dispensing  

Furthermore, to add to additional security and accuracy of dispensing medication the device is locked. This dispenser allows the patient or carer to pre-set medications in a locked box system which will dispense as and when required throughout the day. This type of medication system can be very helpful for people who tend to take extra medications when feeling anxious or in pain, or for those who have Alzheimer's disease or early signs of dementia.

Manageable Medication

As we aim to make medication manageable there is no better way to continue evolving than by listening to the families and carers that have made use of the TabTime Medelert. One happy customer stated that their mother in law “can now have regular medication without the family delivering the pill every day in person”. The dispenser is an essential tool to reduce the ripple effect dementia can have on a family and their careers’. Having to be there in person to prevent under or over dosing is very much a military operation. The automatic pill dispenser reduces this burden dramatically.

Another customer raised the important point that their elderly parent often forgot that they had already taken their daily tablets, as blister packs lacked vital information, such as daily scheduling.  They purchased the TabTime Medelert and it has relieved them of their medication related issues. The family stated that “the TabTime works really well as it simplifies the whole process and he now takes the correct pills at the correct time”. The pressure valve on the family and the carers is instantly released with the TabTime Medelert. The audio and visual displays of the dispenser provide everyone with piece of mind by reducing the consent threat of under or overdosing on a daily basis. 

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