Automatic Pill Dispensers

Keeping to a medication schedule can be difficult, especially for people who might already have trouble with memory, such as those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia, many of whom will inevitably forget to take their tablets from time to time.

Organising and automating this process with an alarmed, lockable electronic pill dispenser can be greatly beneficial to both patients and carers.

You can read more about the ways in which automatic pill dispensers can help to make life easier for those with dementia here. Alternatively, click here to read some case studies from real customers on the benefits of using one of our electronic pill dispensers.

Our full range of automatic pill dispensers and related spare parts are shown below.

Still unsure which medication organiser is right for you? Use our free guide here.

Alternatively, to find out more about some of the ways you can help to care for someone with dementia, click here.
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