Our Guide to Making it Easier to Take your Medication

Chronic illnesses require patients to take multiple pills and tablets to keep the symptoms down. If you or a loved one has a chronic illness, one of the first things you have to learn is organising medication.  

Non-compliance or failing to take medication at the required time can have health consequences. It can cause the patient to build an immunity to the medicine or their condition to worsen. Fortunately, patients and caregivers have plenty of ways to remind themselves of their medication schedule.

Here are a few reminder systems available today. Read on to see which fits you or your loved one’s needs.

Pill box

These are the most widely used medication system and is simply a box with trays for different times to take the medicine. The box may be divided into seven, with a tray for every day of the week. There are pill boxes where the trays are further compartmentalised into hours to take the medicine. Some boxes have a digital clock attached, which makes timekeeping more efficient.

A pill box with an alarm vibrates or beeps to signal that you need to take a dose, which is perfect for patients who need some reminding. Once the time for a dose comes up, an LED light will start flashing on the lid and an alarm will start buzzing and will keep doing so until someone opens the box. These alarms can be programmed to go off at a louder volume for patients who are hard of hearing.

Compact pill organiser 

A pill wallet and daily pill organiser next to a handbag and vase full of beautiful yellow flowers This kind of organiser is perfect for people who frequently travel or who are going on holiday. A carrier wallet unzips to reveal daily trays as in a regular pill box. The difference is, each compartment can slide off so that you can carry it on its own.

These wallets usually have space for seven trays, with four compartments labelled morning, noon, evening, and night (or bedtime). When shut, a compact organizer looks like a pocketbook, or a planner, and fits neatly in most travel bags.

If you are leaving for less than a week, you can take just the number of trays needed. An organiser keeps you on schedule with medicine while saving you the worry of losing or breaking your electronic pill box.

Reminder alarm

A daily pill organiser and a TabTime pill timer next to each other  If you don’t have pill medication but need to be reminded of other treatments, you can use an electronic alarm. These are timepieces with an alert system built-in. Some alarms have a magnet or other means for you to stick it to a refrigerator, wall, or other prominent space. If you are on holiday, you can combine this with a compact pill organiser, because most reminder alarms are small and can fit on a wrist or in a pocket.

Also, the digital readout is large to help visually impaired people read the time properly. Computer-savvy caregivers can hook up an alarm to software, which may be used to give compliance reports to the patient’s physician. Some alarms have this feature, which will need to be programmed. 

Electronic dispenser

These are automatic pill dispensers for patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia or other conditions that make it difficult to keep track of their medication. They are fully automatic and lockable and dispense medication at the precise time it is needed.  

There must be some programming done by the caregiver, who will need to monitor the system at first to see if it works properly. A downside to this is that some electronic dispensers require a power supply.

In conclusion

Finding a medication reminder system for you or your loved one is an important part of patient care. Skipping doses can lead to complications or resistance to the medicine. There are various options available for different patients’ needs.

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