TabTime - Five Ways to Remember your Daily Medication Intake

Many people have to take medications daily to maintain their health. Prescription pills should be taken precisely when the body needs it, but it’s only natural to forget every now and then. Still, taking your medication should be part of your routine —easy, smooth, and automatic.

It shouldn’t add to your mental checklist as it is inevitable to let one or two pills slip from your mind. Fortunately, there are various clever ways you can adhere to your medication regimen with ease, which don’t just involve a handy-dandy pillbox. To that end, the list below should clue you in on the best medication reminders in the market:

1. Combine Your Schedule with a Daily Task

Remembering to take your medicationsTaking your medication is an easy thing to forget if you’re not paying attention. That’s why it’s best to tie down the action with an activity you do every day—be it consciously or on automatic mode. 

Making coffee or brushing your teeth, for instance, are rituals that almost everyone finds nearly impossible to forget. With that in mind, taking your medication during this time allows you to apply it to your routine until it becomes second nature.

2. Seek Help from Other Family Members

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to remind you of your medication needs. If you find a willing family member or friend, kindly ask if they can help support you through the treatment by prompting you to take the proper dosage as per the doctor’s orders.

3. Keep Your Medication In Your Line of Sight

Remember to take your pills including a group of red and yellow pills It’s best always to store your medication box in an easy-to-spot      place. Putting it out of sight makes it easy to keep it out of mind, so it’s in your best interest to place it within arm’s reach as a passive form of reminder.


4. Take Advantage of Apps and Mobile Calendars 

Most people are plugged into their phones for the better part of the day. Seeing as digital technology is deeply integrated into our everyday lives, it makes sense to utilize it by using mobile applications and calendar alerts for any prescription reminders.

5. Use a TabTime Pill Reminder

Classic pill cases were once an excellent way to categorise medications according to your daily needs. Unfortunately, people struggle with a general forgetfulness, so it’s no surprise how pillboxes are left to dust at the back of their minds every so often.

That’s where the TabTime Super 8 comes in, a modern take on a classic solution to maintaining your medication timetable. The TabTime Super 8 is a device that has eight compartments, that you can easily fit anywhere in your body.

The best part is that it has a built-in alarm system that rings when it’s time to take your medicine and it’s been designed to be easy to open by people with frail hands. With a TabTime Super 8 close to your person, you can sigh in relief knowing that you never have to miss another day of medication.

The Bottom Line 

Missing a dose of your medication can lead to serious consequences, especially if the daily meds pile up one after another. If you want to avoid falling into poor medication practices, the tips above should help you adhere to your routine and help you take your pills on the dot. 

If you’re looking to learn more about TabTime’s range of devices, get in touch with us to see how we can help.


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