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TabTime Timer - Pill Alarm Reminder with Eight alarms

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The new TabTime Timer is a superb device for those who don’t need a pillbox but who want a helpful reminder to take their medication or to do a certain job at a certain time. Small enough to fit into any pocket or purse and with 3 handy attachments so that you can stick it, stand it or hang it anywhere. The TabTime Timer can be used in a multitude of ways. A Pill or medication reminder, alarm clock, kitchen timer and as a nursing aid on the ward or for a reminder at any time in any situation!

The new TabTime Timer features:
  • Up to 8 daily alarms at whatever times you select. Alarms times can be changed at any time and are remembered every day
  • Audio buzzer alarms for 1 minute and is cancelled by pressing any button to acknowledge the alarm.
  • Countdown timer for regular reminders i.e every 1.15 -2.45 – 3.40 hours
  • Easy to set, easy to use, 3 large buttons control all functions Large easy to read LCD display and a loud audio alarm
  • The TabTime Timer has a magnet and other attachments on the back so you can stick it to a fridge etc, stand on a desk or hang on a wall.

To see how easy the TabTime Timer is to set up please watch our video:

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Peter A.
annoying alarm

this is a good machine with one major fault, the alarm runs for 60 seconds, and is not controllable, for this reason I have stopped using mine.
Peter Allen

A D.R.
Great TabTimer Product

Bought this for my husband as he has Parkinson’s as he some times forget’s to take his medication on time and this is a good way to remind him to take his medication.


eine so schlechte Bedienung, vor allem da die Uhren angeblich für Parkinson-Erkrankte sein soll, habe ich noch nicht erlebt. nur um die Uhrzeit einzustellen habe ich Stunden gebraucht!!!

I love this thing.

Had this TabTime Timer - Pill Alarm for a few years and forgot how to set the time after daylight saving time changed. Simply entered TABTIME in Google and voila beautifully clear instructions. Thank you.

Mrs G.
Keeps him on track

I bought this timer based on a former review on your TabTime pill reminder. My husband has Parkinsons and takes many tablets for other complaints. He does sometimes forget to take his tablet for Parkinsons. The timer is a great reminder and keeps him on track.

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