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TabTime Timer - Pill Alarm Reminder with Eight alarms

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The new TabTime Timer is a superb device for those who don’t need a pillbox but who want a helpful reminder to take their medication or to do a certain job at a certain time. Small enough to fit into any pocket or purse and with 3 handy attachments so that you can stick it, stand it or hang it anywhere. The TabTime Timer can be used in a multitude of ways. A Pill or medication reminder, alarm clock, kitchen timer and as a nursing aid on the ward or for a reminder at any time in any situation!

The new TabTime Timer features:
  • Up to 8 daily alarms at whatever times you select. Alarms times can be changed at any time and are remembered every day
  • Audio buzzer alarms for 1 minute and is cancelled by pressing any button to acknowledge the alarm.
  • Countdown timer for regular reminders i.e every 1.15 -2.45 – 3.40 hours
  • Easy to set, easy to use, 3 large buttons control all functions Large easy to read LCD display and a loud audio alarm
  • The TabTime Timer has a magnet and other attachments on the back so you can stick it to a fridge etc, stand on a desk or hang on a wall.

To see how easy the TabTime Timer is to set up please watch our video: